Monitor the health of your loved ones

The IDIWATCH is a connected watch equipped with numerous sensors. Synchronized with the IDISMART platform - to which it transmits data in real time - it ensures accurate collection of health data and provides information on the user's health status.

The advantages of a smart connected watch

Measurements of vitals taken every minute
Equipped with an emergency alert device
Synchronized with the IDISMART platform
Discreet and non-intrusive
Technical support


A watch with useful features for its users and their caregivers

Click in a function to know more
*heart rate avaiable

The Heart rate function allows you to read the user´s heart rate.

The Blood pressure function allows you to read the user´s blood pressure.

The Calories function allows to know the calories burned by the user, through his physical activity.

The geolocation (geofencing) function makes it possible to know the position of the wearer of the watch via GPS and to issue an alert when the geographical limits are exceeded.

The Blood saturation function lets you know the amount of oxygen in the user´s blood in percent.

The Body temperature function allows to know the user´s temperature.

The Step function allows the user to know how many steps he has taken and the covered distance by him.

The Fall detection function gives an alert in the event of a fall.

Know the localization
at anytime

Thanks to the watch's geolocation function, the caregiver can easily know the location of their user in real time. If it is outside the authorized limits, an alert will be sent, immediately informing the caregiver who can initiate an action to return the patient to his home.

alert device

The IDIWATCH has an alert device. When its sensors detect emergency situations, it emits warning signals to the IDISMART platform, to caregivers, to the nearest emergency services and even to health centers and hospitals in possession of the patient's medical file.

Services alerted
Emergency services
Caregivers / Health centers
Family careFamily members

I am reassured to be able to check my vitals whenever I want and also reassured for my children who can follow my health status at any time.

Mrs. Pereira, 76 years old, user of a watch in a senior residence for 1 year


At the heart of the interconnected device, the IDISMART platform receives, stores and transmits the data provided by the connected devices.

Works with the IDISMART platform

Telemedicine box

An all-in-one box to access teleconsultation services in the comfort and security of home.

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