Access teleconsultation in the comfort of your home

The IDIBOX device connects doctors, caregivers and patients. The data provided by the watch is displayed in real time on the teleconsultation screen. The result is an enhanced and more reliable teleconsultation.

The advantages of a teleconsultation box

Allows the patient to be easily connected to family members or the treating physician
Simple and intuitive interface
Vital signs provided by the watch or connected objects in real time on the teleconsultation interface screen
Synchronized with the IDISMART platform
Optimized and secure teleconsultation

Teleconsultations with all caregivers

Teleconsultation with the IDIBOX can be optimized by a set of measuring devices. In addition to the data provided by the IDIWATCH watch, the patient and his caregiver have access to connected objects allowing the doctor to refine his diagnosis.

Monitoring of the main biometric constants

The Blood pressure is monitored using an accurate monitor. Its values are very precise.

The oximeter measures Blood saturation, which is the level of oxygen in the blood.

Heart rate monitoring uses the blood pressure monitor and oximeter.

Body temperature is measured using an infrared thermometer.

The weight scale allows monitoring of Body weight.

Through the glucose meter it is possible to monitor blood glucose (the level of sugar in the blood).

Total Cholesterol presente in blood is monitored using the glucose meter.

Levels of Lactic acid in the blood are measured using the glucose meter, which allows accurate monitoring.

The monitoring of Uric acid is carried out through the glucose meter giving precise values.

The glucose meter allows the monitoring of β-Ketone in the blood, which are important indicators of health status.

Talk with your
doctor anytime

24 hours per day7 days per weekDirect care

I am reassured to be able to consult a doctor online when I feel the need, and also reassured for my children who know that I am well followed.

Mrs. Lamblin, 78 years old, subscribed to IDISMART and IDIBOX since 6 months, has already done 2 teleconsultations from her home


At the heart of the interconnected device, the IDISMART platform receives, stores and transmits the data provided by the connected devices.

Works with the IDISMART platform

Connected watch

A versatile and easy to use device to monitor the health of our seniors.

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