IDICARE, an aid to face the pandemic

New technologies, in addition to the arsenal of already existing barrier measures, are a tool to help detect certain symptoms of COVID-19.

The IDICARE solution is one of them.

COVID 19: A heart rate oximeter and body temperature watch to track health.

Fever or a feeling of fever, cough, loss of smell and taste. These are the main symptoms of the dreaded coronavirus. In the most serious cases, breathing difficulties may add up and require hospitalization.


How can the IDIWATCH watch help with medical monitoring for COVID-19?

The IDIWATCH watch equipped with a temperature sensor and a pulse oximeter can help you track these two essential parameters for screening and monitoring respiratory disease.

It is particularly relevant in collective housing (senior residences or nursing homes) to be able to easily monitor these two parameters without it being necessary to mobilize staff for monitoring, which must be attentive. The IDIWATCH monitors for you and issues essential alerts.

Body temperature

Oxygen blood saturation

The IDIWATCH watch is useful because it allows 24-hour monitoring by displaying these two parameters. This can help detect fever and low oxygen levels. An alert to a designated person (family, caregiver, doctor, nursing staff) is then sent.


The IDICARE IDIBOX was designed to allow remote medical care. It thus makes it possible to carry out a medical consultation while staying at home in complete safety and thus avoiding any risk of contamination.

Consultations and medical exams in home security

Set of devices for symptoms checking

As a modular platform, the IDICARE approach is a comprehensive tool for medical personnel. During the consultation, it makes it possible to receive and process medical data from the IDIWATCH watch but also from external measuring devices in real time.

The doctor will thus be able to analyze the data received on his screen and quickly detect any anomalies in the patient's condition.


Reading this data from the IDIWATCH watch cannot replace a medical consultation in the event of a symptom of COVID-19.

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