Take better care of your health and that of your loved ones

To meet the challenge of caring for frail people, we provide elderly people and their caregivers (family or professional) with robust and innovative remote assistance solutions.

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Technologies already available to over 1,200 seniors

Technologies already available to over 1,200 seniors


Management time

Trial reports found a 23% reduction in the time spent managing patient data.


biometric data

The IDISMART enabled an increase in patient biometric data.

9/10 patients

satisfied with the use

The users of the IDISMART quickly adapted to optimal use of the systems.


More responsiveness in an emergency

Configuring the alert settings correctly allowed staff to act more quickly.

Our senior assistance solutions


At the heart of the interconnected device, the IDISMART platform receives the data provided by the connected devices. It treats them instantly and allows caregivers to follow medical conditions or to be alerted automatically if necessary.

Connected watch

Equipped with biometric sensors, it is fitted with an emergency alert device. The device is synchronized with the IDISMART platform to which it transmits the constant measurements in real time.

Telemedicine box

The IDIBOX device allows doctors, caregivers and patients to be linked together for a teleconsultation. The connected objects, in addition to the data from the IDIWATCH watch, offer the doctor the possibility of refining his diagnosis.

Why choose IDICARE?

Monitor medical vitals at all times

The objective of this program is to understand and support the concerns related to the vulnerability endured by our seniors and their loved ones, daily caregivers, families and friends. The solutions developed by IDICARE guarantee safety and serenity for all by effectively monitoring the medical constants of senior citizens in real time and providing optimal follow-up through telemedicine.

IDICARE: the daily ally

Our mission: to accompany our seniors and their caregivers towards a better mastery of technology, with a single goal, the safety and serenity of all

Definition of alert parameters

The user or his assistant can define together the value of the upper and lower limits below and above which the alarm should be triggered

Easy to read and use

The platform presents the indicators in the form of graphs showing the evolutionary trends of vital constants, which allows optimal monitoring and the possibility of anticipating the deterioration of health status

Active partnerships


Altice Portugal, S.A.

The leading Portuguese telecommunications company, Altice Portugal invests in digital, data, media and business solutions.


Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra

The Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra is one of the top 10 Portuguese academic institutions. Among its specialties: engineering and health.


Polytechnic Institute of Tomar

The Polytechnic Institute of Tomar (IPT) is a Portuguese academy education institution, specialized in management and technology.



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